Friday, February 26, 2010

Srividya Sadhana - The Path of Great Liberation

I want to drink the milk of knowledge and power

I want to enjoy life to the fullest

I want to prosperous and make tones of money ,

so i can share some of it with others who are less fortune

I want to help people to realize that they are really gods and angels in human form.

This kind of thought process that the ritual encourages.

This help you to think of God as enjoyable,healthy ,rich,harmonious,beautiful,loving,nourshing,caring person like you

These are the very same qualities we are trying to invoke into ourselves and others

Our Guruparampara has spend their life in serving others .....

We help you in learning and practicing The Secret Brahmavidya /Sri Vidya upasana, a system of Divine Mother's worship compiled by our Guruparampara